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Stephen J. Ball, The Enemies of Truth (novel). Independently published, March 2023

Staverley is in Paris. He is teaching, walking the city and searching for a missing student. Back in Watermouth his colleagues are being blackmailed and threatened. In both places there are mysteries to be solved and Staverley cannot stop himself from getting involved. But this time there are messy entanglements between politics and violence. He may be out of his depth. He may be in danger.

This novel features Foucault in various ways and several of his peers.

Number 4 in the Staverly book series.
Stories of detection featuring university lecturer Staverley. Beginning in the 1980s the series follows the involvement of Staverley in a series of crimes he attempts to solve using methods from the social sciences.

Stephen J. Ball
Stephen J Ball is Emeritus Professor of Sociology of Education at the Institute of Education, University College London, where he was previously the Karl Mannhiem Professor of Sociology of Education. Before IOE Stephen Ball was at KCL and the University of Sussex where he also obtained his MA and D.Phil degrees. He is a British Academy Fellow, a Fellow of the Society of Educational Studies, and a laureate of Kappa Delta Phi. He holds visiting positions at the Universities of Copenhagen and Glasgow and has honorary degrees from the Universities of Turku and Leicester.

He writes sociology and crime fiction – read The Death of an External Examiner (2020)

Stephen Ball was born in London and now splits his time between London and Catalunya, with his wife Trinidad, who is an artist. When not being a sociologist Stephen walks, watches birds and films and listens to Jazz.

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