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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

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Page last updated 3 April 2023
My name is Clare O’Farrell and I am a senior lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. For further details about me see my publications page.

This site (now incorporating my older site) posts news in relation to new publications, conferences or other activities and provides resources in relation to the work of French philosopher and historian Michel Foucault (1926 -1984).

If you have any news about Foucault related activity which you would like to publicise on this blog, please email me

News items in languages other than English are also very welcome. As I only speak English and French, there tends to be a bias towards items in these two languages on the blog. For news in Italian see the Variazione Foucaultiane and the Materiali Foucaultiani sites, in Portuguese the Grupo de Estudos Foucaultianos and in German the blog associated with the peer-reviewed open access journal Genealogy + Critique

News can include

  • conferences, seminars, presentations, calls for papers
  • publications – books, articles, conference proceedings etc. These can either be directly about Foucault or apply some aspect of his work. Please feel free to send as much information as you like – for example summaries and abstracts
  • any visual art exhibitions, performances or films which deal in some way with Foucault’s work
  • controversies around Foucault’s work
  • any other activity or events related to Foucault


As some background to the Foucault News blog, Jeremy Crampton set up the Foucault Blog in March 2007 to post news on Foucault related activity. In August 2010, he announced that he was moving on to other interests and starting another blog. At that point, I offered to take over from him in maintaining a web news presence on all things Foucault.

Foucault Resources: Overview and history

The pages of ‘Foucault resources’ on this site have been brought across from my old website and updated. If there is information missing which you would like to see on the resource pages, please email me or leave a comment in the comments boxes on the relevant pages.

I have maintained an online presence on Foucault since January 1997, and initially used my site to advertise an edited volume of papers from a conference I ran in 1994 on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Foucault: The Legacy (Brisbane: QUT, 1997). See here, courtesy of the wayback machine what my website looked like in 1998, complete with dire amateur retro design. The site was initially coded by hand in html before the advent of sophisticated web design software.

I subsequently expanded the site and here is a ‘redesigned’ version in 2000 and then its final form (done in 2007) as it appeared after its last update in July 2013.

After running the site on servers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane from 1997, I transferred and merged the material on the site with my Foucault News blog in April 2018.

Banner for the site

This comes from 4k wallpapers. This is an image before the fire of 15 April 2019 of Le Stryge one of the chimera on top of Notre Dame added during a nineteenth century restoration of the cathedral. See this interesting article (in French) on the history and cultural resonances of Le Stryge. Unfortunately this and other chimera were damaged and destroyed in the April 2019 fire. I considered changing the banner after this event, but continue to like the resonances of the image to Foucault’s work and its applications. A non profit US fundraising group is asking for donations to restore the gargoyles and chimera. The restoration of Le Stryge has now been fully funded (rising like a phoenix from the flames). See this 2021 article on this and the ongoing restoration of the Cathedral.

See also this article in Le Monde written after the fire. See also this article on the France Culture site. Photo below from the latter article.

Une chimère, au dessus des flammes.• Crédits : THOMAS SAMSON – AFP

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