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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Links to general online resources on Foucault

This page lists a few general online resources in relation to Foucault’s work, mostly in English. Please let me know in the comments box below of any important links in any language that are missing from this list and I will add them here.

There are still a number of older sites on Foucault’s work online that I have linked to in previous iterations of my site but as these haven’t been updated in recent years I haven’t included them here. If you would like to have a look at these links – and other extinct links – for historical reasons, you can find my old links pages on the wayback machine. (You may need to avert your eyes from the retro amateur 1990s design!)
This page last updated 2 October 2022

Foucault links from 1998
Foucault links from 2000
Foucault links from 2005
Foucault links from 2011

General sites

Centre Michel Foucault
Le Centre Michel Foucault s’est fixé comme objectif, depuis sa création [en 1986], de soutenir et de promouvoir les recherches en cours sur l’œuvre de Michel Foucault.
An excellent general site on Foucault, run in France, with a number of his texts, a bibliography of Foucault’s work and other material.

Progressive geographies
Stuart Elden’s very active blog contains a wealth of resources on Foucault along with many other topics.

Heterotopian Studies. Michel Foucault’s ideas on heterotopia
Peter Johnson’s very active website and blog on all things heterotopia.

Foucault et alii
Large Brazilian site on Foucault.

John Protevi’s site
There is a lot of useful course and introductory material on this site.

Michel Foucault Webkatalog – Marc-Christian Jäger’s Foucault Links Page
A huge Foucault links page. More than 1050 Links (Last updated 2009 from what I can see) to Foucault related articles in German, English and French.


Foucault Studies
This open access peer reviewed journal provides a specifically focused forum for the direct discussion of Foucault’s work, including criticisms, developments and applications, the publication of new translations and reviews and reports of books, conferences and other activities. Articles mostly in English with a few in French. It is currently based at the Copenhagen Business School.

Materiali Foucaultiani
An Italian website and open access peer reviewed journal. Articles published in Italian, English and French.

Le Foucauldian
A German peer-reviewed open access journal which publishes interdisciplinary research along the lines of the philosopher and historian Michel Foucault (1926–1984) in English, German, and French. Le foucaldien is a spin-off from the foucaultblog, which was founded by a group of humanities scholars at the University of Zurich in 2013.

Dorsal. Revista de Estudios Foucaultianos
DORSAL es una Revista digital publicada por CENALTES Ediciones con acceso abierto a su contenido, de periodicidad semestral y editada por la Red Iberoamericana Foucault. En ella se publican artículos de investigación procedentes de distintas disciplinas científicas que utilicen las herramientas teóricas de Michel Foucault o que se centren en el estudio de diversos aspectos de su investigación o de las proyecciones de este trabajo tanto en las humanidades como en las ciencias sociales.

Genealogy is an international and cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal (free for readers). The journal aims to reflect the cross-disciplinary scope of contemporary genealogical research and theory and to serve as a forum for new directions in genealogy studies across the social sciences and humanities.

Encyclopedia entries

Michel Foucault on Wikipedia (in English)
Please note that there are Wikipedia entries on Foucault in 73 languages

Oxford Bibliographies
Michel Foucault by Gavin Kendall, last reviewed 2014

The Literary Encyclopedia
Thacker, Andrew. “Michel Foucault”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 15 March 2003

Stanford Encyclopedia entry
Gary Gutting, 2003, revised 2013. An article which provides a general overview of Foucault’s work from a philosophical point of view.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
‘Michel Foucault, 1926 -1984’ by Mark Kelly

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 
‘Foucault and Feminism’, by Aurelia Armstrong.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Ethics by Bob Robinson

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Michel Foucault: Political Thought by Mark Kelly

Encyclopedia Britannica
by James Faubion, updated 2018


Foucault News
maintained by Clare O’Farrell

Progressive Geographies,
maintained by Stuart Elden

founded by a group of humanities scholars at the University of Zurich in 2013.

Heterotopian Studies. Michel Foucault’s ideas on heterotopia
Maintained by Peter Johnson

Foucault Blog
by Jeremy Crampton. No longer being updated as of August 2010

Foucauldian Reflections
by Ali Rizvi. Last post June 2011.

Research Networks and groups

The Foucault Circle

Bibliographical resources

This is an online ebook paid subcription service. I have linked to their very substantial collection of books relating to Foucault in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

La bibliothèque foucaldienne (EHESS-ENS)

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