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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

‘I don’t write a book so that it will be the final word; I write a book so that other books are possible, not necessarily written by me’. Michel Foucault (1994) [1971] ‘Entretien avec Michel Foucault’. In Dits et Ecrits vol II (of 4 volume version). Paris: Gallimard, pp. 157-74. (This passage trans. Clare O’Farrell).

Philosophy is that which calls into question domination at every level and in every form in which it exists, whether political, economic, sexual, institutional, or what have you. To a certain extent, this critical function of philosophy derives from the Socratic injunction “Take care of yourself,” in other words, “Make freedom your foundation, through the …

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‘Showing that scientific demonstration is basically only a ritual, that the supposedly universal subject of knowledge is really only an individual historically qualified according to certain modalities, and that the discovery of truth is really a certain modality of the production of truth; putting what is given as the truth of observation or demonstration back …

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