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Special Issue: Foucault, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability, Sustainability, March 2023
Open access

Kaspar Villadsen (Copenhagen Business School) and Johannes Lundberg (Århus University) have guest-edited a special issue of the journal Sustainability with the title: “Foucault, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability”.

The Special Issue eplores themes like the ESG discourse, Green Transition, CSR, Pension Investment Management, Algorithmic Trading, Corporate Reporting, Sustainable Healthcare Education, as well as potentials and limitations in Foucault’s thinking in relation to these current issues.

It contains contributions from:
Timothy Luke, Johannes Lundberg, Darlene Himick, Tony Sandset and Eivind Engebretsen, William Morgan, Henrik Nielsen and Kaspar Villadsen, and Jeremy Tauzer.

Villadsen, K.; Lundberg, J. Guest Editors, Introduction to Special Issue: ‘Foucault, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Corporate Sustainability’. Sustainability 2023, 15(6), 5110;

Himick, D. When Aging and Climate Change Are Brought Together: Fossil Fuel Divestment and a Changing Dispositive of Security. Sustainability 2023, 15(5), 4581;

Morgan, W. Finance Must Be Defended: Cybernetics, Neoliberalism and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Sustainability 2023, 15(4), 3707;

Nielsen, H.; Villadsen, K. The ESG Discourse Is Neither Timeless Nor Stable: How Danish Companies ‘Tactically’ Embrace ESG Concepts. Sustainability 2023, 15(3), 2766;

Sandset, T.; Engebretsen, E. Sustainable Healthcare Education as a Practice of Governmentality?. Sustainability 2022, 14(22), 15416;

Luke, T. Investment and Rapid Climate Change as Biopolitics: Foucault and Governance of the Self and Others through ESG. Sustainability 2022, 14(22), 14974;

Lundberg, J. Agency Theory’s ‘Truth Regime’: Reading Danish Pension Funds’ Decisions Regarding Shell from the Perspective of Agency Theory. Sustainability 2022, 14(22), 14801;

Tauzer, J. CSR and the Hermeneutical Renovation of Foucault’s Toolbox. Sustainability 2023, 15(5), 4682;

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