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Heterotopia by Natasha Barrette

Review by Agata Kik, The Quietus, March 17th, 2022
Acousmatic composer Natasha Barrette makes musique concrète feel like a thrilling adventure film, finds Agata Kik

[Article includes music from the album]

Heterotopia is an intriguing investigation into the sculpturing and spatialisation of sound, carried out by acclaimed acousmatic musician Natasha Barrett. Released on Persistence of Sound, with a palette embracing musique concrète, field recordings and electroacoustic music, the album refuses to be put into any one category. The sound is so vividly visual and its textures so tactile, Heterotopia feels more like an adventure movie than a mere act of listening.

Relating to the concept by philosopher Michel Foucault, who’s term ‘heterotopia’ pointed to the fact that there are still spaces in the social system that seem too strange to fit into the rigid regulations and prescribed dynamics of order, Natasha Barrett uses the album as a Foucault’s metaphorical mirror, containing worlds within worlds, reflecting sounds from objects, distorting the images of the material reality and the surrounding environment.

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