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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

GENEALOGY+CRITIQUE Special Issue, Vol 4 Issue 1, 2018. Articles in German

The collection “Foucault meets Latour,” edited by Simon Ganahl and Patrick Kilian, attempts to confront but also connect the thought of Michel Foucault and Bruno Latour. Equally interested in the question of modernity, both thinkers developed theoretical frameworks and conceptual toolboxes in order to analyze what it means or meant to be modern. The special issue was planned as a comparison of Foucault’s archaeological Order of Things (1966) and Latour’s anthropological Modes of Existence (2012), but transformed into a much broader exploration discovering a variety of linkages between their works. Discussing actor-network theory and dispositif analysis, the so-called post-factual age, the technological unconscious, as well as posthuman approaches to sociology, “Foucault meets Latour” has become a multicentric debate rather than the reconstruction of an intellectual dialogue.

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