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I found this yesterday, while looking for something else. It’s Foucault’s library card for the Bibliothèque nationale de France, found on their images site.

I can’t read and/or decipher it all, but here’s what I can work out.

The photo looks like early 1960s to me, and there is a date of 25.9.1962 in the bottom right. But there are also a series of dates in the top half beginning with 12.IV.69 and then yearly renewals from 1970 through to 1979, though I think missing 1978. We know that Foucault started using the Bibliothèque du Saulchoir as his primary research base in summer 1979.

Under Titres, it first says agregé de philosophie, then Prof Fac en Vincennes (which Foucault joined in 1968) and then Collège de Fr[ance], to which he was elected in 1970.

The first address is 13 rue du Dr Finlay, where Foucault moved in summer 1961…

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