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Mitchell Dean, What does ‘Left’ mean?, Verso Blog, 13 April 2022

Mitchell Dean responds to the review of his book The Last Man Takes LSD: Foucault and the End of Revolution (co-written with Daniel Zamora) published in the journal Foucault Studies.

One is always grateful when a reader has taken the time to review a scholarly work in the humanities and social sciences. We have been particularly fortunate to have received quite a number of favourable reviews (for this and its earlier French version) in a number of countries. They have come mainly from the Left (Il ManifestoLiberationNew Statesman, Los Angeles Times, Information) but also from conservative publications (The Spectator). Given that the book departs from Foucauldian orthodoxy in the contemporary Anglophone world, we would not expect acclaim in a journal devoted to him, Foucault Studies. In that sense, Jasper Friedrich’s review provides the reader with a relatively mild critical appraisal and raises interesting points about the nature of our project and the further investigation it opens.

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