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Michel Foucault in Tunisia: A select bibliography

Editor: In light of a number of stories that have been circulating in the media and more broadly online in recent weeks, I have put together a select bibliography relating to Foucault’s time in Tunisia from 1966 to 1968, with a view to making accurate information widely available.

The link to the bibliography can also be found on the Bibliographies page on Foucault News.

I wish to thank all the researchers who have helped in compiling this bibliography.

2 thoughts on “Michel Foucault in Tunisia: A select bibliography (2021)

  1. Steven Maynard says:

    Hi Clare … thank you for putting this bibliography together. Very helpful. If you do an update, you might consider adding Trombadori’s interview with Foucault, in which he talks about his experience with the Tunisian students. All best, Steven.


    1. Clare O'Farrell says:

      Thanks Steven, I haven’t included any of Foucault’s own memoirs of his time in Tunisia – but will give that some consideration. Thanks for the suggestion.


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