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M. Francyne Huckaby (2008) Making Use of Foucault in a Study of Specific Parrhesiastic Scholars, Educational Philosophy and Theory, 40:6, 770-788.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-5812.2007.00369.x

In this article, I describe how I made use of Foucault theoretically and methodologically in a study of five specific parrhesiastic scholars. Such scholars challenge hegemony in educational policies and practices, and advocate for educational reform and societal structures that move toward equity instead of marginalization. The article begins by exploring Foucault’s notion of specific intellectuals through the experiences of the scholars. It then moves to an explanation of why the five scholars selected for this study should be considered specific parrhesiastic scholars. An account of how I made use of Foucault in this study follows. My interpretation of Foucault’s work into a research methodology for this project has been a process of identifying illustrations of technologies of the self and technologies of power in text, dialogue, and narrative—qualitative data, which I analyzed using a framework that merged these technologies into the analytical categories of (1) application of logos, (2) engagement with politeia, and (3) practice of techne toubiou.

Foucault parrhesia practices of self technologies of power specific intellectuals methodology

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