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28405100266740LSignés Foucault & cie, edited by Philippe Artières, Editions de la Sorbonne, 2020

I’d missed news of this until I saw a copy at the BnF bookshop. It’s a little and cheap €5 collection of manifestos and open letters signed by Foucault and others. Very few of these were included in Dits et écrits, since the editors didn’t include a piece which Foucault hadn’t written. But he did add his name to a lot of things, some of which I listed in ‘The Uncollected Foucault‘ a few years ago. But several of these I didn’t know about – it’s very good to have them in one place.

À partir de 1968, Michel Foucault s’essaye à un répertoire d’actions sous la forme de signature de pétitions et autres lettres ouvertes. Le présent volume en donne à lire les principales, qu’il cosigna jusqu’à sa mort prématurée en 1984…

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