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Borderlands, Issue 17.2, 2018 Migration and Mobility Politics
Open access.

The contributions from Richie Wyver, Steven Farry, Fabiane Ramos, Mahmoud Kesharvarz and Eric Snodgrass, and Lewis Rarm, shine light upon the complex production of otherness both within and across the borders of the contemporary nation-state. The authors employ a range of critical tools, from Bhabha’s mimicry to Foucault’s theories of racism and biopolitics, and ethnographic methods to reveal how constructed borders, national, cultural, and economic, are a form of violence that can dehumanise, remove citizenship rights, and impoverish mobile subjects. This issue is very much in the experimental spirit of Borderlands, which aims to critically work at the intersections of economics, philosophy, law, everyday cultural life, film and media.

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