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Multimedia artist feels free as he gets back to basics
By Lin Qi, China Daily/Asia News Network Thursday, September 1, 2016

Art graduates are now increasingly opting to create installations, videos and other mixed-media pieces. But You Jin is different. The artist, who majored in multimedia art, is focusing on painting — a subject that he has been fascinated with since his teens.

You, who has exhibited at home and abroad, is now set to present a solo show titled “The View of Heterotopos,” on Friday at the Alternative Space Loop gallery in Seoul, South Korea. The gallery has been promoting avant-garde and experimental art since it was set up in 1999.

The Seoul exhibition, which will run through Oct. 2 and be followed by another show in Hong Kong, celebrates You’s development as a painter over the past three years.

The exhibition’s title is derived from French philosopher Michel Foucault’s idea of “heterotopias,” through which he says that people require imagination to comprehend a physical space. According to Foucault, different spaces and time zones coexist to form a new world.

At the exhibition, Foucault’s concept has been brought to life through You’s brushwork.

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