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The Virtual Academic. Random Sentence Generator

Editor: Update 18 March 2021. It appears this site is now defunct. I have linked to a December 2018 version on the Wayback machine – which is still working.

This random sentence generator generates some great foucauldian phrases. Here is what the site says about itself:

Too lazy to write it yourself? Let the Virtual Academic do it for you

Need a sentence for your latest article? Write one here! Just select a word or phrase from each drop-down list and click “Write It.”

Don’t like the sentence? You can use the same words in a different sentence by clicking “Edit It.” (Click “Edit It” repeatedly to see several options!) Or to write something completely new, you can change one or more of the words you’ve selected and click “Write It” again. Have fun!

This is what I came up with after entering a few foucauldian variables:  “The culture of the gaze is always already participating in the discourse of power/knowledge.” Not bad at all!

Even better the generator comes with a ready made critique of your efforts:

Smedley, the Virtual Critic(TM) says: ‘Your labored and unoriginal work on the culture of the gaze may seem impressive to the uninitiated.’

I can see my writing productivity increasing right now…

Link via Stuart Elden’s blog

2 thoughts on “The Virtual Academic Random Sentence Generator

  1. Doesn't Matter says:

    Dead link, too bad.


    1. Clare O'Farrell says:

      Thanks for the head’s up. I have now linked to a working version via the Wayback machine.


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