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Santos, Filipe D. (2011). “Foucault and Lifelong Learning, Governing the Subject – Edited by A. Fejes & K. Nicoll Book Reviews”. Educational philosophy and theory, 43 (8), pp. 898-900.

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Review of A. Fejes & K. Nicoll (eds) Foucault and Lifelong Learning, Governing the Subject, Routledge, 2008.

This book is the first dedicated solely to a Foucauldian critique of lifelong education and adds to the already extensive educational literature on Foucault and Foucauldian studies. It brings together 15 contributions which were originally presented at the Symposium on Foucault and Lifelong Learning/Adult Education, held at Linköping University, Sweden, 7–11 February 2006. Most of the authors have a previous or a continuing interest in the study of lifelong learning, which seems to enjoy a high political profile in Sweden. Others are established researchers in the field of Foucault and Education, such as Mark Olssen and Gert Biesta. The Symposium grew mainly out of a Scottish-Swedish collaboration with some extra input from Belgium, USA and Australasia, through Nicky Solomon (Sydney) and Marc Olssen (Dunedin). It is divided into three sections: Governing Policy Subjects, Governing Pedagogical Subjects, and Governing Subjects, but can be treated as a unity, as the editors certainly intended.

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