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Cover depicting “The Temptation of Saint Anthony” (1500-1525) by Hieronymus Bosch (Museo del Prado, Madrid).

Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte – Volume 115, Issue 1, 2023

Introduction in English

The focus of this special issue is the 2018 posthumous publication of Michel Foucault’s book manuscript Confessions of the Flesh: History of Sexuality, Volume 4 (Dutch transl. Jeanne Holierhoek, 2020). This study by Foucault examines pastoral care, ethics and sexual desire in early Christianity. Compared to his work on power and knowledge in modernity this meant a shift of period and topic. At a Symposium in 2021, Foucault experts from the Netherlands and Flanders discussed the book from the broad variety of perspectives and disciplines relevant for the book: from philosophy, sexual ethics, feminism and psychoanalysis to the history of religion. Also the importance for present day questions was discussed: for sexuality and gender, ethics as an art of living, and coping with the temptations of technology. The lectures were elaborated into the texts which can now be read in this special issue. The articles are all in Dutch language, with abstracts in English that can be read on this site

Rondom Foucaults Bekentenissen van het vlees
Authors: Steven Dorrestijn & Herman Westerink


De Onvoltooide
By Jeanne Holierhoek

Pastorale macht en zelf-technieken: Foucault en de ascese van de woestijnvaders
By Danny Praet

Foucault and the problematics of the will in Cassian and Augustine
By Herman Westerink

Verzet en maagdelijkheidstechnieken
By Liesbeth Schoonheim

Wat doet de spirituele strijd in de Bekentenissen van het vlees?
By Machiel Karskens

Van Geert Groote tot Ignatius van Loyola
By Michiel Leezenberg

Het geluk van de niet-identiteit
By Marli Huijer

‘Subject van zijn daden’: Lacaniaanse reflecties bij een foucaultiaanse levenskunst
By Marc De Kesel

Met Foucault over subjectivering, verleiding en techniek
By Steven Dorrestijn

Bruno Latour (2021), Waar ben ik? – Lockdownlessen voor aardbewoners, Amsterdam: Octavo, 158 pp., € 19,50
By Emma Deckers

Frank Meester & Aline D’Haese (2021), De zijkant van de filosofie. Een dialoog over vrouwelijk denken. Amsterdam: Boom, 208 pp., € 22,50
By Katelijne Malomgré

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