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Artificial Intelligence | Beyond right and wrong
News editor, Global News, 1 April 2023

The question of artificial intelligence (AI) concerns me both as a doctor and as a fiction writer. And not only since she promises to take my place in these two professions that I love!

I welcome the recent proposal by AI luminaries for a moratorium on its development⁠, time to let humanity realize what is happening, reflect on it, and Act in consequence.

The power of medicine also comes from the fact that it alone determines what it looks at, as Michel Foucault has shown.
In all fields, it will produce as an oracle astonishing and very useful ideas, which will have nothing to do with the human senses, will go beyond the understanding. Without being able to be considered true or false, these ideas will have a profound impact on human life.
What is at stake is the possibility for human beings to establish a relationship with their world governed by thought.

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