Foucault News

News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Special Issue: Foucault Before the Collège de France, Theory, Culture and Society, Volume 40 Issue 1-2, January-March 2023

Foucault Before the Collège de France
Stuart Elden
Orazio Irrera
Daniele Lorenzini

Did Foucault Find a ‘Way Out’ of Hegel?
Pierre Macherey

Foucault and the History of Anthropology: Man, before the ‘Death of Man’
Arianna Sforzini

Michel Foucault in the 1950s: Beyond Psychology towards Radical Ontology
Philippe Sabot

Foucault’s Critique of the Human Sciences in the 1950s: Between Psychology and Philosophy
Elisabetta Basso

Foucault as Translator of Binswanger and von Weizsäcker
Stuart Elden

Foucault in Hamburg: Notes on a One-Year Stay, 1959–60
Rainer Nicolaysen

Philosophical Discourse and Ascetic Practice: On Foucault’s Readings of Descartes’ Meditations
Daniele Lorenzini

Foucault on Raymond Roussel: The Extralinguistic Outside of Literature
Azucena G. Blanco

Painting for Fools
Catherine M. Soussloff

Nietzsche, Ontology, and Foucault’s Critical Project: To Perish from Absolute Knowledge
Aner Barzilay

Five Modalities of Michel Foucault’s Use of Nietzsche’s Writings (1959–73): Critical, Epistemological, Linguistic, Alethurgic and Political
Bernard E. Harcourt

Literature and Madness: Madness in the Baroque Theatre and the Theatre of Artaud
Michel Foucault

Linguistics and Social Sciences
Michel Foucault

Foucault’s 1960s Lectures on Sexuality
Alison Downham Moore
Stuart Elden

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