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Colapietro, V.
Quotidian Tasks: Habits, Routines, and Rituals
(2022) Journal of Speculative Philosophy, 36 (4), pp. 491-516.

DOI: 10.5325/jspecphil.36.4.0491

The author frames his exploration in terms of Michel Foucault’s distinction between the practice of emancipation in the strict sense and practices of freedom. He proposes to treat rituals of attention as examples of practices of freedom. Before doing so, however, he considers the socioeconomic contexts in which such rituals must be situated. Then, he sketches what such rituals involve. In a sense, this article is a reflection on a claim put forth by one of the characters in Toni Morrison’s Beloved: “Freeing yourself was one thing; claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” Insights from William James and John Dewey in addition to those from Foucault are deployed to illuminate what is involved in claiming ownership of one’s freed self. Copyright © 2022 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.

Author Keywords
attention; John Dewey; liberation; Michel Foucault; William James

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