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Grinberg, S.
Between Responsibility and “Responsibilization”: The Everyday Making of School in Buenos Aires Slums In S. Nombuso Dlamini, Angela Stienen (Eds.), Spatialized Injustice in the Contemporary City Protesting as Public Pedagogy, Routledge, 2022

On the basis of field work conducted in the periphery of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, this chapter discusses some of the lines that characterize current modes of political production of life in the intersection with school life. We propose that the operating system that defines the urban involves biopolitics as its scenario: the city as an expression and realization of regularization of life. Foucault deals with this problem in several of his texts and it is a question that can be traced on his first works, but clearly it is developed when he deals with the notions of biopolitics and governmentality. Through research work in schools located in urban areas called villas miseria, favelas, chavolas, and/or slums, we problematize some of the modulations and stratifications of the production and political conduction of life in current societies. By way of hypothesis, we point out that in the present managerial times, the self-make live became a key modulation of the exercise of power, that located on the self-settle the question of not governing too much but not too little. © 2022 selection and editorial matter, S. Nombuso Dlamini and Angela Stienen.

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