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Progressive Geographies

All of Foucault’s lecture courses at the Collège de France have been published and translated into English. Thirteen courses were delivered over a fourteen-year period from 1970-84 – Foucault took 1976-77 as a sabbatical year.

Much less is known about his seminars. Until 1981, Foucault ran a seminar class in parallel to the lectures. It wasusuallyheld on Monday afternoons or early evening. From 1981-82 he opted to increase the number of lecture hours instead, which is why the courses fromThe Hermeneutic of the Subjectonwards have first and second hours for each week. In the course summaries which Foucault wrote for theAnnuaire du Collège de Franceeach year he reported both on the lecture course and, usually, on what had been done in the seminar. These summaries were available as pdfson the Collège de France sitebut they seem to have been removed (several were mislabelled when…

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