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Special Issue on Neo-Victorian Heterotopias, Humanities (2022)

Kohlke, Marie-Luise, Elizabeth Ho, and Akira Suwa. 2022. “Heterotopic and Neo-Victorian Affinities: Introducing the Special Issue on Neo-Victorian Heterotopias” Humanities 11, no. 1: 8.

Wadoux, Charlotte. 2022. ““The World Had Forgotten about Us”: Heterotopian Resistance in Richard Flanagan’s Wanting and Lloyd Jones’s Mister Pip” Humanities 11, no. 1: 9.

Fritz, Sonya Sawyer, and Sara K. Day. 2022. “Young Adult Crisis Heterotopias and Feminist Revisions in Colleen Gleason’s Stoker and Holmes Series” Humanities 11, no. 1: 16.

Kohlke, Marie-Luise. 2022. “Heterotopic Proliferation in E. S. Thomson’s Jem Flockhart Series” Humanities 11, no. 1: 15.

Krentz, Courtney, Mike Perschon, and Amy St. Amand. 2022. “Their Own Devices: Steampunk Airships as Heterotopias of Crisis and Deviance” Humanities 11, no. 1: 14.

Tronicke, Marlena. 2022. “Heterotopian Disorientation: Intersectionality in William Oldroyd’s Lady Macbeth” Humanities 11, no. 1: 13.

Ho, Elizabeth. 2022. “Heterotopic Heritage in Hong Kong: Tai Kwun and Neo-Victorian Carceral Space” Humanities 11, no. 1: 12.

Braid, Barbara. 2022. “Neo-Victorianism as a Cemetery: Heterotopia and Heterochronia in Tracy Chevalier’s Falling Angels and Audrey Niffenegger’s Her Fearful Symmetry” Humanities 11, no. 1: 11.

Ioannidou, Elisavet. 2022. “From Crisis to Compensation: Reinventing Identity and Place in the Sideshow and the Laboratory” Humanities 11, no. 1: 10.

Suwa, Akira. 2022. “Heterotopic Potential of Darkness: Exploration and Experimentation of Queer Space in Sarah Waters’s Neo-Victorian Trilogy” Humanities 11, no. 1: 5.

Esser, Helena. 2021. “Re-Calibrating Steampunk London: Heterotopia and Spatial Imaginaries in Assassins Creed: Syndicate and The Order 1886” Humanities 10, no. 1: 56.

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