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Alessandro Michele’s five best moments at Gucci, Hunger, 24 November 2022

Following last night’s news that Michele will be departing Gucci, HUNGER takes a look back at some of his best sartorial moments, as we bid farewell to his double G genius for now.

Message for the masses

The SS20 Gucci show was opened by a series of ivory and beige reformulated straight jackets. “Biopolitics,” Michele said of the show, “it’s the power over life and body. The power that legitimises some existences, confining others. A power that imposes conducts and paths, that prescribes thresholds of normality, classifying and curbing identity, and chaining it to what is preconceived.” Quoting French philosopher Michel Foucault in his inspiration, the blank-designed jackets represented that through fashion, power is the ultimate force that is exercised. Model Hari Nef even made her own personal protest in the show, writing ‘Mental Health is not fashion’ on her palm. Michele explained that the designs block and restrict to make the individual anonymous, and go past individual expression to reflect upon uniformity. Though with no intention of glamorising mental illness, the message Michele put out was further reinforced when he revealed the jackets were not for sale, and were for those who chose to listen carefully.


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