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Foucault Studies. Number 33, December 2022

Sverre Raffnsøe et al

The Use and Misuse of Pleasure: Hadot contra Foucault on the Stoic Dichotomy Gaudium-Voluptas in Seneca
Matteo Johannes Stettler

The Subject of Desire and the Hermeneutics of Thoughts: Foucault’s Reading of Augustine and Cassian in Confessions of the Flesh
Herman Westerink

Philosophy From the texture of Everyday Life: The Critical-Analytic Methods of Foucault and J. L. Austin
Jasper Friedrich

Review essays
Foucault’s New Materialism: An Extended Review Essay of Thomas Lemke’s The Government of Things
Thomas Lemke, The Government of Things. New York: NYU Press, 2021. Pp. 312 (ISBN: 9781479808816 hardback)
Mark Olssen

Book Reviews
Marta Faustino and Gianfranco Ferraro (eds.), The Late Foucault: Ethical and Political Questions. London and New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020. Pp. 304.
ISBN: 978-1350134355 (hardback).
Matteo Stettler

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