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Bronwen M.A. Jones, Stephen J. Ball,
The neoliberal dispositif: understanding the transformation of the social and ethical space of education, In
Editor(s): Robert J Tierney, Fazal Rizvi, Kadriye Erkican,
International Encyclopedia of Education (Fourth Edition), Elsevier, 2023,Pages 60-69,

ISBN 9780128186299,

In this article we examine some of the difficulties that surround the understanding and use of the term neoliberalism. We consider different approaches to neoliberalization and review their value in making sense of the dramatic changes that have occurred in education worldwide. We employ Foucault’s notion of the dispositif to trace the way in which neoliberalism has transformed the social, cultural and ethical landscape of education. We suggest that the construct of the dispositif may prove to be a way forward in theorizing how neoliberalism works “out there” and “in there” as a form of governance.

Keywords: Accountability; Choice; Dispositif; Education; Foucault; Neoliberalism; Neoliberalization

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