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New translations of Alternatives à la prison (2022)

The lecture given by Foucault on alternatives to prison in 1976 at the University of Montreal was published and commented on in Foucault in Montreal (2021) published by Éditions de la rue Dorion. A shortened version of this book was published, in France, by Éditions Divergences. This latest version is now available in Italian: Alternative alla prigione (Editions Neri Pozza, 2022) and in Brazilian Portuguese: “Alternativas” À prisão (Editora Vozes, 2022)

One thought on “New translations of Alternatives à la prison (2022)

  1. stuartelden says:

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    Different editions and translations of Foucault’s 1976 lecture on alternatives to the prison. The text was translated into English in 2009 in Theory, Culture and Society by Couze Venn.


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