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Vieru, G.
Plateforme de rencontre: Michel Foucault et Michel Houellebecq
(2022) Revista Transilvania, 2022 (6-7), pp. 110-115.

DOI: 10.51391/trva.2022.06-07.13

The present text aims to analyse the body concept, as it is illustrated in the novel Platform, by Michel Houellebecq. For this, we will need, first of all, some clarifications of the hybrid literary genre that this novel presents, it constituting the track of our analysis: this new form of autofiction will lead us to the bridges between the novelist and the philosopher Michel Foucault in what regarding the status and power of the body in late postmodernism. Being published in 2001, the novel offers the necessary tracks for such an interpretive analysis, in which certain positions related to sexuality, society and the geopolitical context will be confronted and debated, with a view to confirming or, why not, denying the influence that the French philosopher had, over the years, in the sphere of affirmation of the novelist Michel Houellebecq. © 2022, Complexul National Muzeal Astra Sibiu. All rights reserved.

Author Keywords
autofiction; biopolitics; body; Foucault; Houellebecq

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