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Heterotopic World Fiction. Thinking Beyond Biopolitics with Woolf, Foucault, Ondaatje
Lesley Higgins and Marie-Christine Leps

In the series Studies in Comparative Literature and Intellectual History, Academic Studies Press, 2022. De Gruyter

Interview with the authors on the New Books Network, 6 January 2023

About this book
This book demonstrates how world fiction by Woolf, Foucault, and Ondaatje counters biopolitics with aesthetic and political—biopoetic—strategies producing transhistorical, transnational experiences offered to the reader for collective responsibility. It defines and explores heterotopic processes fostering a slant perspective that is feminist, materialist, anti-racist, and anti-war.

Author information
Lesley Higgins, Professor of English at York University, specializes in late Victorian and modernist studies. Author of The Cult of Ugliness: Aesthetic and Gender Politics, she has also edited three volumes of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s prose. Research interests include world literature, feminist studies of modernism, textual studies, and poetry.

Marie-Christine Leps, Associate Professor of English at York University, is founding coordinator of the Graduate Diploma in World Literature. Author of Apprehending the Criminal: The Production of Deviance, she specializes in literary and cultural theory, world literature, and discourse analysis. Her current project focuses on world fictions of friendship.

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