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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Gildersleeve, Matthew, Crowden, Andrew. Philosophy of Place. Finding Place and Self in the World (New York: Peter Lang Verlag, 2022

This book discusses the philosophy of place and the implications for understanding ourselves authentically. It sets out to investigate this by providing a review of the phenomenological and humanistic views of place as background reading for the chapters that follow. This contributed book offers unique chapters from international scholars on place in relation to individual philosophers such as Nietzsche, Sloterdijk, Foucault, as well as more broad areas of research including Ecology, Ontogenesis, Bioethics and Metaphysics. The book then presents an integration of the arguments of the contributing authors to give a better and fresh insight to the relationship between place and self. This fusion of chapters amplifies each to show how they all have an important contribution to an expanded understanding of place and self. This combination of topics as well as each author’s view of place makes this book an important contribution to the literature. The book is intended for philosophers but would also be of interest to a general audience.

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