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This is a short account of an interesting event and a rather specialist request for help.

In the late 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s theInstitut collégial européen organised a series of events, most of which were reported in their annual Bulletin. I’m looking for the one reporting on a September 1970 event on structuralism.

The structuralism event was held at the Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires de Saclay, about 20 km southwest of Paris. It was co-sponsored by the Collège de France. It was organized by the mathematician André Lichnerowicz, the literary historian Gilbert Gadoffre and the economist François Perroux. Foucault attended and gave a talk on Dumézil. Also in attendance were a range of people including Suzanne Bachelard, Pierre Bourdieu, Georges Canguilhem, André Martinet, Jacques Monod, Clémence Ramnoux, Michel Serres, Gilbert Simonden and René Thom… Roland Barthes was invited but according to Gadoffre, after dithering for a…

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