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The Confessions of the Flesh

The Institute of Theology and Religious Studies (ITER) of Alberto Hurtado University, Chile, organized the International Colloquium “The Confessions of the Flesh”, on
Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 September 2022.

Link to program

The Colloquium aimed at a critical reception of “The Confessions of the Flesh”, the fourth volume of Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality. Published posthumously, this text contains a study on the shaping of the experience of the flesh in the thought of the Church Fathers and in the practices of early Christianity. The inaugural conference was given by Phillepe Butggen and was broadcasted on Youtube, so you can check it out at the following link.

Following the Colloquium, an internal workshop entitled “Foucault and Religions” was held on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 September. In this instance, the possibilities offered by the methodology of M. Foucault and his conclusions on the religious problem from the historical-philosophical study were discussed, being a contribution to investigate questions of the religious phenomenon in the present.

The following academics participated in the Colloquium and workshop:
• Carlos Álvarez (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile),
• Martín Bernales (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile),
• Vicente Cortés (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile),
• Xavier Morales (Universidad Católica, Chile),
• Roberto Saldías (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile),
• Adán Salinas (U. Academia Humanismo Cristiano, Chile)
• Tuillang Yuing (U. Academia Humanismo Cristiano, Chile),
• Mariana Galvéz,
• Felipe Orellana (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile),
• Philippe Büttgen (U. Paris 1, France),
• César Candiotto (PUC Paraná, Brazil),
• Orazio Irrera (U. Paris 8, France),
• Edward McGushin (U. StoneHill, USA),
• Marcelo Raffin (UBA, Argentina),
• Philippe Sabot (U. de Lille, France).

The Colloquium is sponsored by the Michel Foucault Center, the French-Chilean Initiative for Higher Studies, the PhD program in Philosophy UAH and the Fondecyt nº 11180085.
In the following link you can find the program of the colloquium and the workshop.

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