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Terri Bourke, Mary Ryan, Leonie Rowan, Joanne Lunn Brownlee, Susan
Walker & Lyra L’Estrange (2022): Teacher educators’ knowledge about diversity: what enables and constrains their teaching decisions?, Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education,

DOI: 10.1080/1359866X.2022.2119369

Internationally and in Australia, there is growing evidence that graduate teachers feel under prepared to teach diverse groups of children. This study, using a social lab and drawing on theories from Archer and Foucault examined Australian teacher educators’ views on knowledge about diversity and the enabling and constraining factors that influenced their teaching around diversity in their universities. Eleven discourses emerged, revealing knowledge associated with teaching about and to diversity, rather than teaching for diversity. The authors argue that all three facets are necessary for thorough preparation of preservice teachers for today’s diverse classrooms.

Diversity; reflexivity; discourse; knowledge; decision-making; initial teacher education

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