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Back in 2015, when I was doing the research for Foucault’s Last Decade, I tried to identify and contact the people who had been part of Foucault’s 1983 seminar at Berkeley.

The famous photograph appeared in Didier Eribon’s biography, with Foucault in a cowboy hat, which was a gift from the students. This group met in parallel with the seminar on parrēsia that produced the unauthorised book Fearless Speech, edited by Joseph Pearson, which is now available in a critical edition as Discours et vérité / Discourse and Truth, edited by Henri-Paul Fruchaud and Daniele Lorenzini, and translated by Nancy Luxon.

Eribon book photos - Berkeley2
left to right – Mark Maslan; Eric Johnson;Thomas Zummer (part-hidden); Stephen Kotkin; Kent Gerard (crouching); Michel Foucault; David Levin (seated);Keith Gandal; Jonathan Simon; Arturo Escobar; Paul Rabinow; Jerome (Jerry) Wakefield

The photograph was taken by David Horn

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