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Ericsson, D.
Space technologies and cultural organizations
(2022) The Metamorphosis of Cultural and Creative Organizations: Exploring Change from a Spatial Perspective, Edited By Federica De Molli, Marilena Veccopp. 141-154.

DOI: 10.4324/9781003134671-10

In this chapter the ongoing reconfigurations of the cultural and creative sectors, in which the dichotomy between producers and consumers is being repealed, and new prosumer (dis)positions are being installed, is explored through the Foucauldian lens of ‘technologies of the self’. According to Foucault, ‘technologies of the self’ are epistemological processes that permit individuals to affect their bodies, minds, and souls by certain operations so that they can reach a preferable state of being. The argument here brought forward is that such technologies are currently being transformed from a focus upon self to commune, and that such transformations have profound spatial consequences: Technologies of the self are being replaced by ‘space technologies’ of the commune. To illustrate my argument and outline the concept of ‘space technologies’ two empirical case studies are reflected upon: The British singer-songwriter Francis Dunnery’s house concert performances and the enacting of an opera house in a rural setting in Sweden.

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