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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Psychology as Apparatus
An Interview with Sam Binkley Interviewed by Derek Hook

Chapter In
Neoliberalism, Ethics and the Social Responsibility of Psychology. Dialogues at the Edge
Edited By Heather Macdonald, Sara Carabbio-Thopsey, David M. Goodman, Routledge, 2022

In this interview, Sam Binkley, using Michel Foucault’s (2008) constructivist view of neoliberalism. He outlines how subjectivity gets produced in the contemporary context of neoliberal logic with a particular emphasis on the discursive effects. Binkley and Hook discuss how selves are constructed in a cultural/political moment—particularly in the era of populism and nationalism. Towards the end of the interview Binkley reflects on how racism evokes shame on an ontological level that leads to the exposure of an overdetermined whiteness.

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