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I had a good two-week visit to Paris, where I worked at both the Mitterand and Richelieu sites of the Bibliothèque nationale, the Collège de France and the École normale supérieure. It was something of a transitional trip, doing a little with some loose ends on the Foucault work, an article, the Mitra-Varuna editing, and beginning to think more seriously about the wider Indo-European project.

The Richelieu site of the BnF is in the final stages of a massive renovation. It’s been a building site for all the years I’ve been working there. The manuscripts room was closed for a period earlier this year, which meant I wasn’t able to do a final visit when finishing The Archaeology of Foucault. While I’d done all the key work on the 1960s, there were a couple of small things I wanted to check, and there is lot more…

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