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Hunt, R.A., Palmieri, A., Muñoz, J.U.
A symptomatic reading of the coronavirus as a neoliberal production: political science and psychoanalytic reflections of post-foundational episteme [Una lectura sintomal del coronavirus como producción neoliberal: reflexiones politológicas y psicoanalíticas de episteme posfundacional]
(2021) Discusiones Filosoficas, 22 (38), pp. 59-76.

DOI: 10.17151/diil.2021.22.38.5

This work seeks to establish the hypothesis that the COVID-19 pandemic is a symptom of Capital under neoliberal governmentality. To account for this hypothesis, two traditions of contemporary political thought were worked: biopolitics, inaugurated by Michel Foucault, and post-foundational theories, arising from the link between Marxism and psychoanalysis. Finally, an attempt was made to affirm that the idea that the politicization of the pandemic, understood as a situated symptomatic reading, is a critical strategy for addressing social unrest that could open an emancipatory horizon. For this purpose a cartography on certain sensitive points that concern the conditions of symptomatic production of neoliberalism, the role of the State under the laws of the market and its links with the population will be deepened in a limited way © 2021, Discusiones Filosoficas.All Rights Reserved.

Author Keywords
Biopolitics; Covid-19 pandemic; Neoliberal government; State psychoanalysis; Symptom

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