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Philip Mirowski, The Death of Neoliberalism Has Been Greatly Exaggerated. Jacobin. 04.27.2022

Despite predictions of its demise, the neoliberal power bloc of think tanks and lobby groups is still deeply entrenched and pushing into new territory, from health care to space exploration. Neoliberalism won’t be over until the Left can challenge that power.

It is unnerving to realize we live in an era when everyone seems to be relieved that the COVID-19 pandemic is done and dusted when, in fact, all that is really over are the concerted public health measures to control its spread and propagation. “Wishing makes it so” is hardly a sound policy upon which to build political movements, yet that threatens to be the default stance toward most of the current crises we face, be it global warming, loss of biodiversity, Trumpism, economic inequality, the pandemic, or even the war in Ukraine.

From Foucault to the Federalist Society
There is a third usage of the term “neoliberal” that is rooted in the cultural formatting of a peculiar construct of subjective individual experience, often found in cultural studies, histories of education, and the humanities in general. This definition derives from the lectures of Michel Foucault — in particular, his depiction of neoliberalism as an injunction to become an entrepreneur of the self.

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