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Zanetti, F.L., Castanheira, K.N.L.
Nietzsche, Feyerabend and Foucault: a dialogue on the eclipse of science in current politics [Nietzsche, Feyerabend e Foucault: um diálogo sobre o eclipse da ciência na política atual]
(2021) Revista de Filosofia: Aurora, 33 (60), pp. 879-898.

DOI: 10.7213/1980-5934.33.060.DS08

This study considers science as a space crossed by forces that constitute it from multiple power struggles. Following this context, we aim to understand how science institutionalized as the dominant principle of knowledge in the modern age loses its power in contemporary times. This reflexion leans on Nietzsche/Deleuze, Feyerabend and Foucault. In the end, it is considered that the games of true and false and the removal of the evaluative content — of activity or reactivity, nobility or vileness — from scientific practices have created a favorable environment for the strengthening of the relative truth, fiction and morals. However, in times of crisis, such as health emergencies, scientific knowledge is used as a lifeline © 2021, Revista de Filosofia: Aurora. All Rights Reserved.

Author Keywords
Device; Health surveillance; Power; Science

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