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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

20th Annual Meeting of the Foucault Circle
Emory University Atlanta, GA
May 13-15, 2022

Foucault Circle 2022 Program PDF

All sessions will be held in the Jones Room, Robert W. Woodruff Library

Friday, May 13th
Session 1: Affect and Materialism
Moderator: Samantha Wrisley, Emory University

Selin Islekel, Fordham University
“’Fables that Stir the Mind’: Autopoeisis and Heterotopias of Death”

Daniel Perlman, DePaul University
“Posthuman Power and the Historicity of Matter: Developing Han’s Critique of Foucault Through Barad”

Lauren Guilmette, Elon University
“The Weight of Papier Mâché: Affect and Emotion in the Archives of Infamy”

Reception, Jones Room, Robert W. Woodruff Library

Saturday, May 14th

Session 2: Biopower Today
Moderator: Dian Dian, Emory University

Eyo Ewara, Loyola University Chicago
“Flattening the Racial Curve: Foucault, Anti-Racism, and Inoculation”

Patrick Gamez, Missouri University of Science and Technology “Reading Biopolitics Through Big Data”

Stephen Seely, Newcastle University
“Locating the Question Concerning Technology in the History of Sexuality”

Session 3: Foucault and Race
Moderator: Shelley Feller, Emory University

Taryn Jordan, Colgate University
“Du Bois, Foucault, and Soul: The Shadow of the Color Line and the Production of Soul through Modern Power”

Daniel Schultz, Whitman College
“Foucault and the Theo-Political Technologies of Race”

Sabeen Ahmed, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign “Law and the Imperial Genealogy of Modern Power”

Lunch (not provided; please see information for options)
Business Meeting (box lunch provided for participants)

Session 4: Care of the Self and the Speaking Subject
Moderator: Aobo Dong, Emory University

Vilde Lid Aavitsland, DePaul University
“Foucault’s Politics of Conditions: On the Political Aspect of Transforming Ourselves”

Richard DeSantis, Fordham University
“Whither the Speaking Subject? Behaviorism, Biologism, and the Biopolitics of the Psyche”

Robert Leib, Elon University
“The Importance of Legopolitics Today”

Round Table Discussion: Foucault in Fragments
Moderator: Lauren Guilmette, Elon University

Speakers: Michael Eng, Appalachian State University Lynne Huffer, Emory University
Nicole Ridgway, The University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Dinner and S’mores, Emory Campus Life Pavilion
All conference participants are invited to dinner at our lovely outdoor pavilion. After dinner, grab a marshmallow and make your s’mores in the pavilion fireplace.

Sunday, May 15th

Session 5: Rethinking Genealogy
Moderator: Shiv Datt Sharma, Emory University

Kevin Thompson, DePaul University “Genealogy: Object, Causality, Purpose”

Zeinab Nobowati, University of Oregon
“Foucauldian Genealogy and the Ambivalence of Subjectivation: Towards a Postcolonial Genealogical Critique”

Haylee Harrell, Rutgers University
“From Juridico-Biological to Juridico-Political: The Emergence of the Mulatta as a Racial and Sexual Monster in the United States”

Session 6: Askesis Today
Moderator: Edward McGushin, Stonehill College

Stéphanie Martens, York University
“’Politics of Discomfort’ against ‘Neo-Liberalism of Enjoyment’: Foucault’s Nietzschean Politics Today”

Strand Sheldahl-Thomason, Purdue University Fort Wayne “Toward a Foucaultian Environmentalism”


Foucault Circle 2022 Program Committee:
Sam Binkley, Emerson College
Lynne Huffer, Emory University (Conference host) Edward McGushin (Foucault Circle Director)
Dayne Alexander, Emory University, conference assistant

The Foucault Circle would like to thank the following departments at Emory University for their generous support of the 2022 conference: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Philosophy, History, Religion, French & Italian, and Comparative Literature.

Hotel Information:
Emory Conference Center Hotel 1615 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329
(800) 933-6679

The Emory Conference Center Hotel is located across from the Emory campus and is walkable. We have a courtesy rate of $152 per night for Foucault Circle participants, anytime between the evening of Thursday, 5/12 and the morning of Sunday, 5/15. The rooms and rate are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so please secure your accommodations ASAP.

Reservation link for Foucault Circle:

Other nearby accommodations options include Airbnb and hotels in Druid Hills and Decatur.

Transportation Information:
Flights can be booked to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Ground transportation is available via Lyft and Uber. Atlanta’s lightrail system, MARTA, does not have stops near the Emory campus and is therefore not a good option.

The Emory Conference Center Hotel is within walking distance (15 minutes) of the conference venue at the center of Emory University’s campus. Lyft and Uber are readily available for transportation from the hotel and from other locations in Atlanta.

For those traveling to campus by car, paid visitor parking is available in the Fishburne deck (see #3260 on the interactive map below).

Dining Information:
We will serve hors d’oeuvres for Friday’s reception and provide dinner and dessert at Saturday’s party. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the conference. Participants in Saturday’s business meeting will be provided box lunches.

For other meals, we will provide information on campus dining locations/hours and nearby restaurants.

Campus Map:
An interactive campus map is available at this link.

The conference venue is inside the main library (#1980 on the map). You will need to sign in at the front desk to be given access to the library. Once inside, go up one flight and to the back for the Jones Room on your right.

The Saturday night dinner will be held at the Emory Campus Life Pavilion on Peavine Creek Drive (off of Eagle Row), across the baseball field (#7470 on the interactive map.)

The Emory Conference Center Hotel is just off Clifton Road (#8760 on the map).

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