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Jusmet, L.R.
Constructing oneself as an ethical subject for a true life: The proposals of Pierre Hadot, Michel Foucault and François Jullien [Construirse como sujeto ético para una vida verdadera. Las propuestas de Pierre Hadot, Michel Foucault y François Jullien]
(2021) Enrahonar, 67, pp. 159-172.

DOI: 10.5565/rev/enrahonar.1372

This work analyses the line of thought that stretches from Pierre Haddot to Francois Jullien, by way of Michel Foucault; one that sees the role of philosophy as a transformer of the self to achieve a true life. Hadot and Foucault look for examples in ancient Greco- Roman schools, while François Jullien looks for them in traditional Chinese wisdom. But in all cases it is a search of the past to return to the present and thus to update this dialogue with the old. Pierre Hadot talks of philosophy as a spiritual exercise, Michel Foucault as care of the self and François Jullien as an apprenticeship of life being lived. Continuity lies in this will to make philosophy an instrument to construct oneself as an ethical subject, the result of which is another way of life, a true life.

Author Keywords
Ethical subject; François Jullien; Michel Foucault; Pierre Hadot; Transformation of the self; True life

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