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Jelena Radonjic, Office, What Office? How Our Concept Of Work Is Changing
Forbes, Dec 7, 2021,

Most of us have become well-versed in the ways of new work with Zoom routines in our neat home offices. While we are far from post-pandemic times, we are gradually stepping back into office spaces and the question is not only how much has the office changed but how much have we changed?
Supervision And Productivity
In its worst sense, the home office can become a sort of panopticon with supervision enforced on all sides. In the office, supervision was mostly limited to whether the set tasks were completed, combined with physical supervision in the shared space. Remove the worker from the office and there is no way to peep into the home and see how efficiently and productively the work is being done. Or is there?

Terms like supervision and discipline are not merely threats from dystopian corporate fiction, they are present in contemporary society. In his influential work Discipline and Punish, French theorist Michel Foucault digs deep into the mechanisms that shape our modern society and turn us into docile bodies, cogs in a machine. They can be societal or self-enforced.'[…]

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