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González, D.E., Galmiche, G.P., Sánchez, A.C.M.
Michel Foucault and his speech beyond the philosophical: A political analysis in the light of philosophy [Michel foucault y su discurso más allá de lo filosófico un análisis político a la luz de la filosofía]
(2021) HUMAN REVIEW. International Humanities Review / Revista Internacional De Humanidades, 10(1), pp. 131–141.

DOI: 10.37467/GKAREVHUMAN.V10.3006

This article sums up the constantly debated issue of philosophical knowledge about power, called by Foucault: critical analysis of modernity. An analysis linked to other thinker is produced, under the guidance of the French thinker and also a debate is conducted around questions generated by the heritage of modernity or what he called, today. The objective is to analyze Michel Foucault’s thought in the light of various authors, generating a necessary theoretical framework. The question is asked: is Foucault’s position applicable today?. © 2021, Global Knowledge Academics. All rights reserved.

Author Keywords
Biopower; Philosophical knowledge

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