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Raúl García, The Event of Psychopoetics. Imagination and the Rupture of Psychology, Routledge, 2021

The Event of Psychopoetics overviews and investigates the notion of psychopoetics, a sociopsychological event that involves re-creative slips and that emerges under certain cultural conditions and power relations in the context of everyday interaction and through certain modes of dialoguing and conversing.

This transdisciplinary text takes the reader through the thought processes of Deleuze, Guattari, Agamben, Maffesoli, Foucault, Butler, Haraway, and Braidotti, among others, addressing debates that are integral to the critique of psychology and its devices of subjectivization and normalization. Garcia takes a unique approach by reflecting on how psychopoetics contrasts institutionalized dialogues, while constantly emphasizing the generative and transformative potency of social worlds effectuated in the impetuous play of poetics. The book combines the rigor of academic research with the creative display of ideas that open diverse, suggestive lines of reflection on everyday interlocution and its possibilities of reinvention, modes of social existence, and the relation between subjectivity and the designs of power.

A truly unique reading experience, this book is ideal for students, instructors, and researchers in the fields of philosophy, social psychology and sociological thought, discourse studies, literary theory, and cultural analysis.

Raúl Ernesto García is a tenured, full-time professor/researcher in the Faculty of Psychology at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo in Morelia, México. His general areas of research include theory and critique of cultural and discursive processes and subjectivization; and studies of the concept of dialogue and conversation and their current utilization in interventive apparatuses of the psychological complex. García has also published numerous specialized articles and book chapters on the aforementioned topics, as well as the book El diálogo en descomposición (2008), an essay on the emergence and transformations of the concept of dialogue in philosophical milieus and social thought.

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