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Foucault Studies. Issue 31, December 2021
Open access

Sverre Raffnsøe et al.

Symposium: Ars Erotica
Sexuality and/as Art, Power, and Reconciliation
Preface to symposium on Richard Shusterman’s Ars Erotica. Sex and Somaesthetics in the Classical Arts of Love:
Stefano Marino

Ars Erotica and Sôphrosunê: Examining Shusterman’s Nietzsche
Catherine Botha

On the Interest in the Art of Loving: Richard Shusterman’s Ars Erotica
Leonardo Distaso

Beauty between Repression and Coercion: A Few Thoughts on Richard Shusterman’s Ars Erotica: Sex and Somaesthetics in the Classical Arts of Love
Leszek Koczanowicz

Sex, Emancipation, and Aesthetics: Ars Erotica and the Cage of Eurocentric Modernity
Response to Botha, Distaso, and Koczanowicz
Richard Shusterman

Symposium: Intolerable
Intolerable: A book symposium

“Let those who have an experience of prison speak”: The Critique & Praxis of the Prisons Information Group (1970-1980)
Bernard E. Harcourt

Challenge to What Is: The Effect and Aftermath of Exposing Intolerable Conditions of Confinement
Liat Ben-Moshe

The Problem of Concealment: Reformism, Information Struggles, and the Position of Intellectuals
Delio Vásquez

Shirts and Hearts
Sarah Tyson

Abolitionist Broken Windows and the Violence of Power Relations
Ren-yo Hwang

Reform, Abolition, Problematization
Kevin Thompson

Abolition and the Prophetic Imagination
Perry Zurn

Two Friends and a Camera: Foucault, Livrozet, and the Guerilla Art of Documentary Film
Perry Zurn

Special section: Contributions from The Foucault Circle

Coordinator’s introduction
Edward McGushin

The Forgotten Spanish Charity: Love, Government, and The Poor
Martin Bernales-Odino

Genopower: On Genomics, Disability, and Impairment
Joel Michael Reynolds


Foucault’s Outside: Contingency, May-Being, and Revolt
Luke Martin

Faux Amis, Vrais Amis? Amis.
Jonas Oßwald

Book Reviews

Dianna Taylor, Sexual Violence and Humiliation: A Foucauldian-Feminist Perspective (Interdisciplinary Research in Gender). London and New York: Routledge, 2020. Pp. 128.
ISBN: 978-1-138-58143-2 (hardback). ISBN: 978-0-429-50542-3 (e-book).
Sara Cohen Shabot

Pierre Hadot, The Selected Writings of Pierre Hadot: Philosophy as Practice. London: Bloomsbury, 2020. Pp. 320.
ISBN: 9781474272971 (hardback).
Émile Levesque-Jalbert

Mona Lilja, Constructive Resistance: Repetitions, Emotions, and Time. London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2021. Pp. 184.
ISBN: 9781538146484 (hardback).
Marco Checci

Robert Mitchell, Infectious Liberty. Biopolitics between Romanticism and Liberalism. New York, NY: Fordham University Press, 2021. Pp. 304.
ISBN: 9780823294596 (paperback).
Antonia Karaisl

Marco Checchi, The Primacy of Resistance: Power, Opposition and Becoming. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2021.
ISBN: 9781350124462 (e-book).
Tomas Pewton

Mitchell Dean and Daniel Zamora, The Last Man Takes LSD: Foucault and the End of Revolution. London: Verso, 2021. Pp. 256.
ISBN: 9781839761393 (hardback).
Jasper Friedrich

Lynne Huffer, Foucault’s Strange Eros. Columbia: Columbia University Press, 2020. Pp. 280.
ISBN: 9780231197144 (hardback).
Theo Mantion

David Macey, The Lives of Foucault. A Biography. London: Verso, [1993] 2019. Pp. 613.
ISBN: 9781788731041 (hardback).
Mike Gane

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