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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Deering, B. (2015). In the Dead of Night: A Nocturnal Exploration of Heterotopia in the Graveyard. In M.-J. Blanco & R. Vidal (Eds.), The Power of Death: Contemporary Reflections on Death in Western Society (1st ed., pp. 183–197). Berghahn Books.

The photograph below shows a visitor to a Hallowe’en graveyard event.¹ Hundreds of flickering tealights lit up the tombstones, while storytellers enthralled the crowds with ghostly and ghastly tales. Having attended this annual event for several years I noticed that it attracted people from all over the city and beyond. On a night when there are myriad pop-up cultural events on offer, what could possibly be the lure of a dark and gloomy graveyard? This chapter explores the phenomenon of nocturnal graveyard visits and interrogates the motivations and experiences of the visitors. The study forms part of a larger PhD…

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