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Fajardo, C.
Mystified alienation: A discussion between Marx, Foucault and Federici (2021) TripleC, 19 (2), pp. 287-300.

DOI: 10.31269/triplec.v19i2.1277
Open access

This article explores Karl Marx’s critique of alienation. Specifically, I will argue that the concept of alienation is essential to understand not only how capitalism reproduces itself, but also to find alternatives to a regime of capital valorisation that has become mystified. In order to develop the analytical scope of this critique, I propose to discuss it together with the Foucauldian concept of disciplinary power and with the concept of patriarchal violence that appears in Silvia Federici’s Caliban and the Witch. These two approaches provide a basis for the statement that the Marxist critique of alienation can be complemented and radicalised with the post-structuralist position, and with the feminist critique of capitalism. © 2021, Unified Theory of Information Research Group. All rights reserved.

Author Keywords
Alienation; Capitalism; Disciplinary power; Karl Marx; Michel Foucault; Patriarchal violence; Silvia Federici

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