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Patricio Lepe-Carrión (2021) Territorial Control and Subjectivities at Risk: Counter-Conducts for the Intercultural/Developmentalist/Extractivist Dispositive in Chile (1989–2018), Journal of Intercultural Studies, 42:5, 610-626,

DOI: 10.1080/07256868.2021.1971169

This article examines intercultural discourses in the Mapuche context of the Araucanía region of Chile, based on the material and enunciative conditions which sustain their circulation. These conditions shape an environment where, over the last 30 years, developmentalist rhetoric has defined the State’s intercultural project. This has criminalized ways of life that oppose extractivism as a model of development. The systematicity of violence continues to reproduce other types of systematicities, such as practices of resistance which adopt the specific form of ‘territorial control’. This article proposes that such practices, or counter-conducts to ethnodevelopment, are political technologies that produce new subjectivities and ways of life. They involve a strong commitment to the ‘truth’ of collective memory for individuals who are exposed to life-threatening or ‘borderline’ experiences caused by a militarized neoliberal rationale.

Interculturality development ethnodevelopment territorial control subjectivation technologies of the self Mapuche extractivism

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