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Progressive Geographies

Thismanuscriptis slowly coming together. I’ve continued working on the linguistics and literary analysis texts inFolie, langage, littérature.For space reasons, I’ve had to keep the discussion of these down, though in many respects they reinforce or supplement points made in the other, fuller texts. I also wrote a long discussion of the “What is an Author?” lecture, with some discussion of the changes between the 1969 Paris and 1970 Buffalo version, and a little on the Paris discussion (on the textual issues seehere). The last part of this chapter is a discussion of the translation of the translation Foucault made of Leo Spitzer, with some discussion ofthe question about its dating, which continues to bother me. This chapter is now in pretty good shape.

I have developed the Coda a bit more, with somediscussion of the other Buffalo lectures on Flaubert and Balzac…

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